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Bondage Tutorials on YouTube (A–E)

double column tie
Handcuff knot
how to store rope
single column tie
single column tie - Alternate
Treating Jute
Beautiful Bondage
chest harness
decorative butt-harness
Decorative crotchrope weave, self-bondage
One way to tie a karada, using two ropes
Self-tie Mermaid Bondage
Ways of Tying, Interacting in a Professional and Personal capacity
deGiotto Rope
Boola Boola
Bundling Your Rope
Chest Harness
Double Column Tie
Giotto's Better Boola
Kimono Tie
Pentagram Chest Tie
Rope Bondage Safety
Rope Tension
Rope Types and Care
Seamlessly All Together
Single Column Tie
Single Column Tie with Extra Wraps
Splicing Rope
Takate Kote
Wide Double Column Tie

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Shibari in Belarus
3 Ropes Gote shibari for suspension [by GanRaptor]
Futomomo (Обвязка согнутой ноги)
Karada Rope Cage
lacing (Шнуровка)
Takata Kote
Как сматывать веревки шибари [How to make an 8-hank by Esinem]
Обвязка к шесту [pole tie]
Прямой узел [Shibari 101 Basic Column Ties]
Связываем две руки (Two column tie)
Crash Restraint
Ankles over Head Chair Tie
Ankles to Chest Hogtie [2D/3D]
Ankles to Chest to Forearms Hogtie [2D/3D]
Ankles to Wrists Hogtie [2D/3D]
Basic Armbinder [2D/3D]
Basic Double Column Tie [2D/3D]
Basic Seated Suspension
Basic Single Column Tie [2D/3D]
Captured Overhand Gunslinger
Chest Loading Takate Kote Part 2
Chest Loading Takate Kote Part 3
Chest Loading Takate Kote Part 4
Chest Loading Takate Kote Variation for Tifereth
Chest Loading Takate Kote Version 4
Chest-loading Takate Kote: 3-rope Version, Part 1
Chest-loading Takate Kote: Long Variation
Chest-loading Takate Kote: Short Variation
Chest-loading Takate Kote: Stem Management
Chest-loading Takate Kote: Support Lines
Collapsed Lark's Head Hair Tie [2D/3D]
Double Elbow Tie for Head Support
Double Reverse French Bowline
Double Reverse French Eskimo Bowline
Easy Column Tie -- Double
Easy Column Tie -- Single
Extending Rope (Sheet Bend)
Extra Strict Armbinder
Face Up Suspension
Figure 8 Inline Double Column Tie [2D/3D]
Hand Check for Rope Bondage
Happy Baby Tie [2D/3D]
Head Support for Suspension
Hishi Karada [2D/3D]
How to Equip a Bed for Bondage
How to Tie on a Hitachi Magic Wand
How to Tie One Limb to Another on the Same Rope
Intimate Chest Harness [2D/3D]
Keeping Track of the Center of Your Rope
Knotless Hishi Karada [2D/3D]
Lace Up Armbinder
Oddball Column Tie
Partially Chest-loading Takate Kote
Quick Shoulder Harness
Quick Shoulder Harness for in Bed
Reverse French Bowline Failure
Reverse French vs Somerville Bowline
Reverse Kannuki
Reverse Somerville Bowline
Reverse Somerville Bowline Application Note
Securing Support Lines (Wrap and Slipped Hitch)
Securing Support Lines at the Bottom (Wrap and Slipped Hitch)
Self Hand Check for Rope Bondage Bottoms
Shinju Chest Harness
Shinju Chest Harness for Suspension
Simple Arm Support for Suspension
Slipped Somerville Bowline
Somerville Bowline Double Column Rope Cuff [2D/3D]
Somerville Bowline Single Column Rope Cuff [2D/3D]
Swiss Seat Suspension Harness
Tying Bent Arms [2D/3D]
Tying the Shoulders in Bed
Tying the Wrists Up Behind the Neck
Tying Wrists Together Behind the Back
Under-ribs Karada [2D/3D]
Unjamming Support Lines
Epic Rope
Basket Seat Hip Harness
Basket Weave
Box Tie
Brad Hishi Pattern
Broad Hishi Box Tie
Broad Hishi Harness
Burlington Bowline
Chest Harness
Coiling Rope
French Bowline
Hip Harness
Hip Holster
Hishi (Diamond) Box Tie
Hishi (Diamond) Leg Tie
Hishi Chest Harness
Hishi Karada
Hishi Leg Tie
Karada Hishi (Diamond) Pattern
Ladder Tie
Pillow Tie
Spinal Harness
Bruce Esinem
A simple rule for the single column tie knot
Effect of direction of shibari single column tie
Foolproof knot for single column tie
Futo momo shibari (shin to thigh tie)
No bar to shibari: Size and disability
Old Style demo (TK, takate kote)
Shibari 'Tying techniques' Part II
Shibari Performance Techniques by Esinem and Nina Russ
Shibari suspension techniques: Part I
Shibari Suspension Techniques: Part II
Shibari suspension techniques: Part IV
Shibari tutorials by ESINEM and Nina Russ
Shibari upper body ties made easy
Shibari: Tying techniques and rope handling
Tying a gote (takate-kote, TK, box-tie): Feeling and flow
Tying techniques and rope handling
Updated shibari gote with x-friction