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12/10/2016 Site began


12/17/2016 Added list of bondage books with tutorials

12/25/2017 Added list of bondage events

01/07/2017 Added list of web sites with bondage tutorials

01/14/2017 Added lists of tutorials organized by site

01/25/2017 Added list of sources for bondage rope

02/01/2017 Added alphabetical list of knot tutorials

02/03/2017 Added preliminary list of bondage tutorials organized by subject

02/09/2017 Added preliminary alphabetical list of bondage tutorials

02/11/2017 Added Vimeo tutorials

02/13/2017 Added DeviantArt tutorials

02/20/2017 Added list of sources for straitjackets

02/21/2017 Added straitjacket positions

02/23/2017 Added arm positions

02/26/2017 Added strait jacket types, materials, and tutorials